Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead - A Review

I have a confession. I often don’t follow a series to its conclusion. So often I lose interest in a world or a collection of characters. But not this series as it seems to be getting better and better and is really one of the best vampire series around.

So what do you do when you start to see ghosts? Do you tell anyone? Your best friend? Your mentor and crush? Or do you wonder about your sanity. This is the predicament in which we find Rose – she starts to see Mason’s ghost. Then she finds out that Victor Dashkov is about to go on trial but she and Lissa are not invited to testify. The Guardians are being tested in the field and Rose and Lissa are split up. Only Adrian seems to suspect there is anything between her and Dimitri. Oh, and it appears Strigoi vampires and humans are teaming up to attack the Moroi. No wonder she’s seeing ghosts!

Trying not to include any spoilers in this review, I want to say that although I would never have wanted this ending, I’m so impressed that the author actually took the story where it had to go. The omens were there, seeds sown long ago, and you read the book shouting “NO!” It made me cry; of course it made me cry. It made me late for work. It broke my heart. Yet it also made me admire Ms Mead’s storytelling abilities and her very wonderful character, Rose, who is everything a heroine should be: strong, beautiful, loyal, tough, independent (hear that, Ms Meyer?) and can take anyone in a fight.

Do I really have to wait until August to read Blood Promise? Really?

And for anyone in the Bay Area who is reading this, don't forget that Richelle Mead is visiting Kepler's tomorrow, May 6th, at 4.00. Oh, I'm hoping she'll be dropping hints about Blood Promise...will let you know!


Anonymous said...

Love this series and will definitely be there tomorrow. So excited!

Bookgeek said...

Come and introduce yourself. Would love to meet you so I can put a face to a name.

Anonymous said...

Gahhh.. only two more months - then I get to buy it! :D