Wednesday, June 23, 2010

For the Win by Cory Doctorow - Review

Maybe you’re a gamer. Maybe your friends or family are. Maybe you’ve read about the millions of people who play multiplayer online games ALL the time. Maybe you’ve heard about people in the third world who work in terrible conditions to win virtual gold. Maybe you’re just interested. Doctorow opens windows into this world. He introduces characters from India, China, and Los Angeles, all of them somehow connected to the brutal underside of gaming and a woman called Big Sister Nor. Nor reminds them that together they are strong, even while they face horrible conditions, ruthless bosses, blackmail, and outright violence.

To read Cory Doctorow is to become a fan. He is intelligent, thought provoking, forceful, and passionate. His books are political thrill rides that bring you back time and again. For the Win is a revolutionary call to action, following in the footsteps of George Orwell and Upton Sinclair. It is full of understanding and sympathy. Hard to put down, it is risky, brave, and determined. Doctorow is an inspiration.

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Anonymous said...

You know I loved Little brother but was on the fence about this one. But I think I'll put it back on my list