Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Dark Divine by Bree Despain - review

I talked about it for the smoochies, which reminded me that I didn't post a review. So here it is.

Grace, a pastor's daughter, knows that things will change now that Daniel has returned. Daniel, her brother's best friend, who lived with her family for a while, and then disappeared after a bitter fight with her brother. He's the classic bad boy, the prodigal son. Will she ever find out what happened that night they fought? Why, oh why, will her family not give him another chance when they are known to always do the right thing? And despite everything her family say to her, can she stay away from him? Finally the question becomes: What will she have to sacrifice to save those she loves?

I don't want to say much more than this. There's a secret, of course there is, but you'll want to find it out as Grace does and let it creep up on you rather than read it in a review. And not much teen fiction takes on biblical parables and reinvents them. I'll just add that the myths work in quite a different way, that it's a wonderful teen romance with a twist, and that I read it in a gulp. You will too.

And what a gorgeous cover!


jessjordan said...

How nice of you not to reveal the secret! So many other reviews didn't do the same. :)

Bookgeek said...

I know, but I think part of the pleasure of the book is to learn as Grace learns (OK, ahead of her but only just). And thanks.