Sunday, November 2, 2008

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

I'm sure by now many of you have heard about the movie for this book, but let me say that even if you've seen it already, the book is definately worth reading. It's sarcastic, witty, and just fun in general. Taking these qualities and putting them together with the mix of an unusual plot and two hysterical yet lovable characters, a she/he stripper with personality, and odd references that make you think makes for a thoughtful and delightful bit of fun.

Nick is the only straight member of a gay band playing in a club who is at a loss when his ex, who he's still in love with, walks into a club with a new guy. In desperation, he asks the girl next to him to be his girlfriend for 5 minutes. As you can probably guess, this is Norah, a sarcastic exec's daughter. They proceed to have adventures they could never have predicted over the course of a night/morning, leading them all over, from bar to bar to a Mariott in Manhattan.

I loved this book, and I recommend it for anyone looking for a funny and enjoyable read.


Bookgeek said...

Just wanted to add that I also loved this book. And here's the review I wrote when it came out.

Nick is the bassist in a punk band. Norah is the daughter of a music producer. Nick sees the girl who just broke his heart walk into the club. In desperation, he turns to the girl next to him and asks if she would be his girlfriend for the next five minutes. She kisses him to avoid talking to that same girl.

Nick and Norah share their stories, dreams, and heartbreaks, and find a mutual passion for music as they make their way across Manhatten. And the music behind every scene sends you running to create your own playlists.

This book won the Children’s and Young Adult Bloggers’ Literature Award (CYBIL) for Young Adult Fiction.

Haven't seen the movie though -- I just don't think the actor is right for the part. Sorry, I know lots of people really like him...

DarlingDiva said...

I have been told that this book is wonderfully funny and entertaining. I recently saw this movie and am now interested in reading the book. Thank you for the review, now I will have to add this book to my TBR pile.

Anonymous said...

i know everything about nick and norah..

Natalie said...

I have to say, I had no idea this was a book! I really liked the movie, so I'm for sure adding this to my TBR list! I just love those stories that happen over the course of one night. I Love You Beth Cooper's another one of those.