Monday, April 25, 2011

Graveminder by Melissa Marr - Review

Rebekka is no stranger to funerals and the dead. Her grandmother went to every funeral in her home town, stood at every grave, and told the dead to stay where she put them. Rebekka has spent much of her life running – from commitment, from her home town, from the memories of her sister’s suicide, and especially from her attraction to Byron. But she returns to bury her grandmother and learns more about the town’s secrets than she ever wanted to know. It changes everything. Is she really meant to take her grandmother’s place? Do the dead really walk? And, most importantly, do she and the Undertaker really not have any choice if they want to keep the town safe?

I loved this book. The mysterious world haunted my dreams. The characters crawled under my skin. This dark, scary, gothic horror manages to be edgy and seductive, disturbing and unforgettable, yet full of compassion and beauty. Filled with ancient contracts, the walking dead, and fated love, this book sucks you in and leaves you yearning for more.

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