Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff - Review

Here's Sarah's review of The Replacement that has me searching through my piles of books looking for my copy (it sounds so good and perfect for this run up time to Halloween)

If the cover of The Replacement doesn't grab you immediately, I can only assume that you hate fun. This is a tale of coming-of-age, finding where you belong, and figuring out how to switch a fake baby for a real one under the nose of one seriously screwed-up fairy queen. Mackie, the hero of the tale, is a changeling. His real family are up to no good, and he's about to be sucked into some Very Bad Doings indeed. I loved that this take on old fairy mythology uses modern problems as an excuse for a town to ignore the Strange Happenings™ that guarantee their continued prosperity.

This is the perfect book to read on those cold, winter-y October nights. The creeping (and creepy) atmosphere never lets up, and there's a wicked sense of humor throughout. Read it, love it, and recommend it—just don't go hanging scissors over cribs once you've finished.

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