Monday, October 11, 2010

Becca Fitzpatrick

Becca Fitzpatrick was originally supposed to come to Kepler’s with the Smart Chicks tour but sadly had to cancel, disappointing so many of us. I should admit right now that I was given the arc of Hush Hush when it came out without a cover or blurb, and told to drop everything and read it because it was that good. I was in the middle of something else and unwilling but was so glad I did because it was SO good.

So, 40 of her fans came to see her, traveling from as far afield as Sacramento and Modesto. They arrived earlier and many wore the halos we put out (most choosing black for fallen angels this time!). And I'll admit that if I wasn’t such a fangirl, I would never have been persuaded to read with Becca because she wanted someone who could fake an Irish accent for the part of Rixon. Really (would I make this up?)

Becca Fitzfatrick’s love for telling stories started in kindergarten. At night when
Becca and her sister Heather were supposed to be sleeping, they would make up new episodes in an ongoing tale called THE BUS ADVENTURES. We asked about this, apparently they were gruesome. She discovered Nancy Drew and Roald Dahl but it was Romancing the Stone that convinced Becca she wanted to be a writer (even though she did go through a phase in college when she wanted to be a spy). She graduated college with a degree in health, which she promptly abandoned for storytelling. Hush, Hush, debuted as a New York Times bestseller despite the many many rejections she had along the way. SO her advice for aspiring writers was: persevere.

Apparently the cover is upside down. A large chain book store refused the cover the right way up and said if it wasn’t changed they wouldn’t stock it. So that’s why he appears to be doing a backflip! (That said, it did win my very haphazard cover of the year contest.) Oh, and Becca wrote Hush Hush as a one off, stand-alone novel. If you were wondering.

Here's Becca talking about Crescendo:

Thanks to Breanna for the photos. I haven't uploaded mine yet (sorry, will do soon)

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BreannaRose said...

Thats me! Im Breanna! Your so welcome! Im glad I took ones you liked. I had such a fun time. Thank you! Im also glad you read Rixon's part you where AWESOME! I have video of the whole thing on my youtube channel!