Thursday, May 20, 2010

Prophecy of Days by Christy Raedeke - Review

I wanted to remind everyone that the lovely Christy Raedeke will be at Kepler's on Friday May 21 at 7.00 and hope those of you in the area will drop by and hear her talk about Prophecy of Days. To tempt you a little more, here's my review:

Inheriting a Scottish castle would be fantastic for Caity MacFireland if it didn't mean leaving her comfortable life in San Francisco and going to stay in this castle to see whether her parents want to open it up as a bed and breakfast.

But this castle reveals a hidden room, mysterious symbols, and buried truths about the Mayan Calendar and why it stops at 2012. Does she have enough time to break the code and let everyone know?

This is an intricate adventure filled with mythology and secret societies, of a girl wishing to be discovered only to be pushed into a very different spotlight, of the power of friendship and the devastation of betrayal. But what I really want to know is where I can find a monkey like Mr Papers - because I really, really want one.

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