Sunday, May 2, 2010

In My Mailbox

Sunday again and time to explore the contents of my mailbox this week. With thanks, as ever, to The Story Siren and Pop Culture Junkie who host and inspired this meme.

This week I've been reading my event book (by Ridley Pearson, Lisi Harrison, Christy Raedeke) but I received three fabulous YA reads in the my mailbox - look!

Nightshade by Andrea Cremer

She can control her pack but not her heart.

No blurb on the back just this quote
"Sexy and thrilling, Nightshade had more than enough suspense to keep me flipping pages all night. I was pulled into Andrea's seductive, twisted world where humans are pawns to a powerful pack of werewolves, and nothing is what it seems. I was left guessing until the very end." Becca Fitzpatrick

The Cardturner by Louis Sacher

The summer after junior year of high school looks bleak for Alton Richards. His girlfriend has dumped him for his best friend. He has no money and no job. His parents insist that he drive his great-uncle Lester to his bridge club four times a week and be his cardturner. Alton’s uncle is old, blind, very sick, and very rich. But Alton’s parents aren’t the only ones trying to worm their way into Lester Trapp’s good graces. They’re in competition with his housekeeper, his young nurse, and the crazy Castaneda family, who seem to have a mysterious influence over him. Alton soon finds himself intrigued by his uncle, by the game of bridge, and especially by Toni Castaneda. As the summer goes on, he struggles to figure out what it all means, and ultimately to figure out the meaning of his own life.

Life, After by Sarah Darer Littman

After a terrorist attack kills Dani’s aunt and unborn cousin, life in Argentina—private school, a boyfriend, a loving family—crumbles quickly. In order to escape a country that is sinking under their feet, Dani and her family move to the United States. It’s supposed to be a fresh start, but when you’re living in a cramped apartment and going to high school where all the classes are in another language—and not everyone is friendly—life in America is not all it’s cracked up to be. Dani misses her old friends, her life, Before.

But then Dani meets a boy named Jon, who isn’t like all the other students. Through him, she becomes friends with Jessica, one of the popular girls, who is harboring a secret of her own. And then there’s Brian, the boy who makes Dani’s pulse race. In her new life, the one After, Dani learns how to heal and forgive. She finds the courage to say goodbye and allows herself to love and be loved again.

Just can't wait to start Nightshade. It looks that good.


La Coccinelle said...

I love the cover for Nightshade! Great title, too.

Jenn (Books At Midnight) said...

I agree that Nightshade looks awesome; I'm so jealous, haha! Happy reading. :D

heidi said...

A friend just lent me Nightshade too--!

Bookgeek said...

Nightshade does look amazing. Must. Read. Faster.