Thursday, August 18, 2011

Legend by Marie Lu - Review

If he hadn’t tried to break into a hospital, and hadn’t shot a young soldier in the shoulder, Day would never have met June. But when the young soldier is found dead his sister, June, is determined to track down his killer. June is from an elite family, scored perfectly in her trial, and now is a star in the military academy. All evidence seems to lead to Day, a notorious criminal who failed his trial, ran away, and has disrupted the Republic whenever possible. But when the plague reaches Day’s family he risks everything to help.

Told alternately by Day and June, this new series is full of political intrigue and unnecessary cruelty, intense chases, daring escapes, and even a little romance. It seems to have everything from street fighting, mysterious illnesses, repressive government action, heartbreak, and of course – a secret. But who will believe the word of the Republic’s most notorious criminal? This is for adrenaline junkies everywhere. Loved it!

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