Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Scorch Trials by James Dashner - Review

You’d think that everything would be explained once they made it out of the maze, wouldn’t you? No more running, no more fighting. They deserved an explanation and their memories back. But when they wake up they find that Teresa has been taken away and replaced by a boy called Aris, who says he was with another group in what sounds like a similar maze. And now the boys are faced with another harder test: cross the Scorch and get to the safe haven in two weeks. Of course WICKED has made sure this is no easy task. The Scorch is a brutal wasteland. They face terrifying challenges, including people with a horrific disease called the Flare. Thomas knows another group is meant to kill him. And then there’s how he will deal with being betrayed. When people lie to you continuously, and your memories start to creep back telling you something completely different, how can you know what is real, who to trust, and what was set up by WICKED. Will they ever be free, do they really hold the answers to humanity’s survival, or will these trials simply go on forever until they are broken?

I loved The Maze Runner, and I simply could not put The Scorch Trials down. I sat up late into the night, holding my breath, trying to work out where this plot was going. It manages to stay as scary, as exciting, as unpredictable as The Maze Runner, answering a few questions while throwing out so many more, introducing some great new characters, and leaving you wanting the next book RIGHT NOW.

By the way, James said he was going to give away a huge clue at the end of Book 2 but his editor made him take it out and save it for Book 3. But that if you read the epilogue carefully, and went back to look at all the dreams Thomas remembers, you can work it out. So that's what I'm going to do today (you knew I'd say that - right?) But if you work it out - make sure to let me know!

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