Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Red Glove by Holly Black - Review

We are so very excited about our upcoming event with Cassandra Clare and Holly Black - two of my favorite authors for teens - on April 12. Today I'm posting Megan's review of Red Glove - the follow up to White Cat (and the book I plan to read next!)

Cassel's family is dangerous. They are mobsters, con artists, murderers, and magic workers; and Cassel might be the most dangerous of them all, except that he still can't remember the entire truth of his past. Everything that he knows about himself is a lie, and there is no one left to trust, not even himself.

This book is an absolute pleasure, a thrill and a high speed vault into a world that is dark, compelling, and cruel. It's a sharp fantasy taken in the company of characters who feel astonishingly real. You'll fall hard for them: Cassel's grandfather, an assassin; his mother, who bends emotions; his lying, mobster brothers; and Lila, the girl he loves and the princess of the criminal underworld. Most of all, you'll be helpless before the charm of Cassel himself and the feeling that these are people you need to spend time with, not because they're nice or good, but because they are fascinating. They are the most dangerous of friends.

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Anonymous said...

LOVED White Cat. Can't wait to read this.