Monday, August 8, 2011

Bloodlines by Richelle Mead - review

If you are a fan of the Vampire Academy series, you will have been anxiously awaiting this spin off series that takes place a little after the events of Last Sacrifice. Sydney Sage is now center stage, but mistrusted by the alchemists after helping Rose. We learn that Jill Dragomir has been attacked and is being sent to a human boarding school in Palm Springs to keep her hidden, and Sydney is sent along with Adrian and Eddie to keep her safe. And ah, Adrian, still the same, by far the most interesting character in the series, and still as funny. He's bitter about his breakup with Rose, but protective of Jill and trying to move on.

Sydney is an interesting choice of character - bright, always eager to please, especially those in authority, and oh so socially awkward. We come to see how hard it is for her not to respond, and how much self-control she really has. And she's slowly getting over her revulsion to anything that hints of magic and vampires in general. Keeping Jill safe is harder than she thinks, especially with Jill's growing relationships with Michah and Lee, Clarence's insistence that there is a band of vampire hunters, and there's also those mysterious tattoos so many students are getting. Yes - Bloodlines is just as addictive as the Vampire Academy series.


Anonymous said...

One of my favorite series (except that book where she goes to find Dimitri). Must. Read. Soon.

UK said...

Fans of the Vampire Academy series probably remember the Alchemist, Sydney Sage. She's the one you always wondered about, what her past was like, what made her so hung up, and what did she owe Abe that allowed him to drag her into Rose Hathaway's troubles? Delightfully, Sydney is the focus of the new series. She's put in charge of protecting the new Moroi queen's only relative, an assignment that gives her a chance to redeem herself in the eyes of her Alchemist superiors, but enmeshes her again in the world of the Moroi and dhampir. It also brings her in closer contact with Adrian, where a promising chemistry brews for the rest of the series.
I fell in love with the more in-depth Sydney fairly quickly. She has some of the endearing type-A qualities of Mead's adult heroine, the succubus Georgina Kincaid, except without the blatant sexuality. And, it seems she has some latent powers waiting to be discovered, as well.