Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Knife of Never Letting Go - Patrick Ness - Review

Patrick Ness has created a world where you can hear everyone's thoughts, including the animals around you - a constant sea of noise. This is where Todd grows up, in a world made up entirely of men. He's the last boy in Prentisstown and one day, while out picking apples, he and his dog Manchee - and I can't say enough about how much I love Manchee - find an area of silence. And it's incredibly disturbing. Of course there's no keeping it to himself in a place where everyone can hear your thoughts. And just like that he's told to run, because it's too dangerous to stay. Told with breakneck speed that leaves you gasping for air but unable to break away, we follow Todd and Manchee's journey as they meet Viola, try to stay ahead of the men who continue to chase them, and learn, as they do, that all he's known to be true may not be. Written in style all of its own (Todd is an innocent with no formal education and it's written from his point of view), it's dark, violent, brutal, haunting, and utterly addicting. It made my heart race and consumed my free time, as I wondered why I had waited so long to start this series. Wow.


Anonymous said...

Yes, this was a creep creepy read. VERY good

Ceska said...

The Knife of Never Letting Go can at times be frustrating. It can be shocking and horrifying and extremely creepy. On the other hand, this book is a more accurate portrayal of human nature than you are likely to find in most YA. That is what makes it so scary after all. This is the right book, but only for the right audience. I can imagine having nightmares from reading it. If you buy this for your child please be sure they are comfortable with the subject matter first.

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Patrick Ness is a first rate storyteller with a vivid imagination and he is a powerful literary talent that deserves paying attention to. For readers of all ages, this non-stop thriller will take you places you've never dreamed possible.