Friday, November 19, 2010

The Miles Between by Mary Pearson - Review

Doesn't everyone want one fair day, where the good guys win, where everything turns out right, where the universe is just? So when Destiny Faraday finds an unattended car, she persuades some friends to join her for a spontaneous road trip. Now Destiny is the sort of girl who keeps to herself because she's been shuffled from boarding school to boarding school, a girl abandoned by her parents, a girl who knows about how unfair the world can be. Yet she persuades her friends to skip school and drive toward a town that is a lot more important to her than she lets on. It's a day that will change them all.

This creative, quirky quick read about coincidences, friendship, and fate is beautifully written and a lot of fun. And so so different from The Adoration of Jenna Fox!

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Anonymous said...

Is this a new cover? is the paperback out? I was disappointed because I wanted it to be more like Jenna Fox. But it was well written. Just with no bite.