Monday, October 18, 2010

Guys Read, edited by Jon Scieszka - Review

I love funny books - don't think there are enough of them - so today I'm posting Shannon's review of Guys Read edited by Jon Scieszka and am turning to this just as soon as I've finished Forge.

WARNING: This book is known to cause involuntary laughter that makes the reader appear slightly strange as he (or she) attempts to choke back his giggles. This vain attempt to appear sane may result in convulsions, a red face, watering eyes, and half-swallowed chortles that will alarm nearby persons. In some cases, this book has been found to cause the spontaneous need to share by reading sections aloud to anyone nearby.

Jon Scieszka, the genius behind The Stinky Cheese Man and other bitingly witty and devastatingly funny books, is the mastermind of Guys Read. He assembles a veritable who's who of children’s literature (Eoin Colfer, Kate Di Camillo, and Jeff Kinney, to name a few) to write some of the funniest stories I’ve seen in a while. Between these pages you will find blood-thirsty turkeys, incompetent cyber villains, scraggly bikers, and boils in...ahem...inconvenient places. Girls, boys, grown ups (especially fake grown ups like me), even (dare I say it?), teenagers will find these stories funny. Buy it now and give it to everyone you know who likes to laugh.

She sold me. And if you need any more convincing watch this video

Finally, remember that Mac Barnett (one of the contributing authors and on the video) will be at Kepler's on November 16th. Should be fun.

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