Thursday, March 3, 2011

Demonglass by Rachel Hawkins - Review

Can you tell how excited I am that we're hosting Rachel Hawkins on March 9th? Love, love, love her books. And her's my review of Demonglass. She's touring with Sarwat Chadda, and I've just finished Devil's Kiss so I'll post a review asap. Templars, and a kick-ass heroine, and lots of action. Oh, don't miss this opportunity to meet them!

Remember Sophie Mercer from Hex Hall? Well, she's back. And once she realizes what her powers can do, and how she can hurt almost everyone she loves, she decides she wants to go to London for the Removal. But it's a dangerous thing to try - it can destroy her powers, as she wants, or kill her.

Enter her absentee Dad who doesn't want her to go through the Removal - he's head of the Council and shares her family secret (and her sarcastic wit apparently). She goes with him to London, accompanied by Cal and Jenna, only to find there are demons at Thorne Abbey. Really? Naturally Sophie is sidetracked into finding out who is raising them and why. And then there's Archer who has also been sighted in London. Is he really part of The Eye? And, if so, why did he keep turning up to help her? Oh, and there's also the war escalating between the Council, the Eye, and the Brannicks ("Irish girls, red hair...from Mrs. Casnoff's 'People Who Want to Kill Us All' lecture at Hex Hall last year.").

I loved Hex Hall and Demonglass is better. It's funny, intelligent, fast-paced, action-filled, with plenty of unexpected twists, romantic tension, and angst-filled moments. But be warned, the ending makes you hope Rachel can write the sequel really, really fast.

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