Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Here's Amanda's review of Delirium, which is sitting right at the top of my to-be read pile. If only I could read faster...

Delirium: a disordered state of mind, characterized by confused thinking, disrupted attention, mood shifts, etc.

It's been 64 years since the United States identified love as a disease, 43 years since they developed a cure. Now, Lena Holloway has just 95 days until she can finally have the procedure that will keep her safe. Lena has grown up hearing the stories of those afflicted with amor deliria nervosa; people who would die for love--people like her mother. She promised herself she would not let that happen to her. All she wanted was to ace her evaluations, make a good pairing, and live a safe and predictable life. And then she met Alex. And fell in love.

Set in the near future in the remote landscape of Portland, Maine, Delirium depicts a society sheltered to the point of numbness; a place where passion is outlawed and passivity revered. Lauren Oliver's beautiful prose and vivid scenery make this dystopia compelling, haunting, and romantic. It makes you wonder-- what will Lena and Alex do for love? What would you do for love?

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