Friday, February 19, 2010

The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong - Review

Remember Chloe Saunders? She’s the genetically enhanced necromancer who is running for her life from the Edison Group, the people who turned her into a living science experiments, with Simon, Tori, and Derek. That’s right – with a witch, a sorcerer, and a werewolf. Oh, and to complicate the situation, she’s drawn to both Simon and Derek in very different ways. But oh, she wishes she could live a more normal life

Life on the road is hard and at the start of The Reckoning, Chloe and her friends have met up with Andrew, a friend of Simon and Derek’s father, and a splinter group who oppose the Edison Group. But Chloe is worried about Rae and her Aunt Lauren, who they left behind. She’s not sure who she can really trust, whether this safe house is indeed safe, and what the Edison Group really want. And of course she’s still plagued by ghosts, zombies, and half demons.

This is a great nail-biter of a finale to a fabulous series, full of action and adventure, complex relationships, teen angst, glimpses of humor, and an undercurrent of romance. It remains rough at the edges, dark, and realistic with plenty of surprises you don’t see coming. Bravo.

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Morgan said...

I haven't read this series yet but all the covers look amazing. I should really read them, though, becuase all I've ever heard were good things about it!