Monday, March 14, 2011

Darkest Mercy by Melissa Marr - Review

I'm falling behind with posting my reviews. I wrote this ages ago. Ooops.

Reading Darkest Mercy was a bittersweet experience. I was thrilled to immerse myself with some of my favorite characters,yet melancholy to know that this was the end. Of course, that didn't slow my reading. I zoomed through the book, loving every touching, tragic, cruel detail.

To recap
: Keenan, the summer king, is missing, and Bannanach has attacked the Dark Court, leaving Irial at death's door. Chaos is everywhere and war seems inevitable. What to do now? Aislinn must rule her court as best she can while Keenan looks for allies, still trying to help his court from so far. Both are torn between love and duty. Donia prepares for war, Niaill is mad with grief, Death walks among them, and Seth, although a seer, cannot see everything, especially about himself.

I love these books. I love how well they are plotted and written. I still gasp at the twists and revelations, and I'm impressed by how well Melissa has pulled the threads together for this exemplary conclusion. There is passion, joy, sacrifice, love, pain, and sadness; but each character makes their own choices and there is so much hope. It is hard to part with a world you love, but such a delight to see a writer satisfy her readers with this well-orchestrated finale.


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