Monday, January 17, 2011

Wither by Lauren DeStefano

Genetic engineering is to blame in DeStafano’s dark and sinister dystopia where boys don’t live past the age of 25 and girls die at 20. Gatherers wait to kidnap unsuspecting young girls out alone, forcing them into loveless marriages with rich young boys. And alas, this is exactly what happens to Rhine who, along with two others, is married to Linden, and told there is no escape by his frightening father, Vaughn.

What happens to Rhine, her sister wives, and the young attendant Gabriel to whom she is drawn, kept me turning page after page, well after I should have been asleep. This world seems all too real, a world where in trying to claim victory over illness, scientists create a virus so much worse than anything that came before. And Rhine is such a likeable heroine who is strong, self-directed, angry at being taken and kept from her brother, yet fascinated by her new world and all it brings her. And she comes to understand that Linden is as much a prisoner as she is in this glittery, luxurious cage. With time running out, Rhine has to decide how much freedom means to her. I can’t wait for the sequel.

Pub date: March 22
It is THAT good, preorder it now here

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Anonymous said...

This one sounds good. Hadn't heard of it. And what a gorgeous cover! Can't wait.