Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer - Review

Amanda's just finished Wolfsbane - and yes, it will be stores at the end of the month after such a long wait! Here's what she thought (can't wait to get to it myself!)

Calla has grown up with one destiny. As the young alpha wolf of the Nightshade pack, she was promised to Ren, young alpha of the Bane pack. Together, they would protect the Keepers from the Searchers. That was who she was: a Guardian. But Shay changed everything, and now Calla's future is uncertain and her history in question. When she finally wakes from the nightmare of that terrible night, she finds herself alone and at the mercy of her captors. Are they who they claim to be? What of her pack, of Shay, or Ren? With the war between the Keepers and Searchers escalating, Calla must choose which side to believe, and redefine what alpha means without a pack. She must also answer the question hammering at her heart - Shay or Ren? The second in the Nightshade novels, Wolfsbane continues the saga of Calla's world, keeping the reader captive with the suspense and romance of this wolf pack. It is time for Jacob to step aside.


Anonymous said...

ooooooooooooh, i loved nightshade!

Anonymous said...

I would love love love it if calla and ren get together because ren is hot and now's how to make calla melt and plus shay is to dangerous for her to be with any way.

i love this book
ren calla
all the way.

Bookgeek said...

Must agree. I wanted her to choose Ren too! Shay seemed far less appealing.

Anonymous said...

love the books but i hate that my heart is rooting for Ren when Calla is obviously leaning towards Shay:( *sigh*

Netherland said...

The love she feels for him is differenet and she gives into him when she couldn't with the other alpha male. She is a strong young woman who has to make right choices to save herself and her pack. I can't wait to get the 3rd book ! I would recommend this book to any one.