Thursday, September 11, 2008

Play Me by Laura Ruby

A great book, but be advised: sexual content and mature themes

This book surprised me. I thought I would not very much like a book about a self-absorbed guy, who although so very talented, treated girls as casual entertainment. I did not think I would enjoy spending time inside his head, but I really did like Play Me by Laura Ruby.

Charming Ed Rochester, 18, is a player. A high school senior about to graduate, Ed is handsome & renowned as a talented young filmmaker. His newest film, "Riot Grrl 16" is in the top ten of the MTV video contest. He honestly does not understand why girls, including his latest leading lady, are so upset when he doesn’t call--afterwards. His own Mom has left to be a star on a TV police drama and only calls him on Saturdays. That, he doesn’t get.

Enter Lucinda. She’s a powerful tennis player, a sumptuous dancer, and actually a girl he two-timed when he was twelve. She is also the first girl who does not care what he thinks. When they get together to play—tennis or other things--she annihilates him. At that moment Ed knows he “would do anything for her, jump out of plane, fight a band of ninjas, wrestle an alligator, swim with sharks, sign away every dollar I will ever make; I don’t care “. But can he stick with one girl?

Careful Ed, you may have met your match. And both these players are fascinating to watch as they duke out what it is they really want.

Read it. Post back and tell me what you think.



Anonymous said...

I'm so excited about your new blog! Am looking forward to the upcoming events at Kepler's.
I'm happy to give it a shout out on my blog, which has a lot of readers. =)

All best,
Heidi R. Kling
SEA, Putnam 2010

DarlingDiva said...

I just picked this book up the other night due to this review. I cannot wait to sit down for a spell and get into it.

Vivian said...

What did you thinnk of Play Me?