Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Necromancer by Michael Scott - Review

The Secrets of The Immoral Nicholas Flamel, Book 4

Dee and Machiavelli seriously underestimated Perenelle in The Sorceress. She managed to escape from Alcatraz and reunite with Nicholas and the twins in San Francisco. She left behind a slew of monsters that she knows Dee and his masters intended to let loose on San Francisco. She knows they have to stop this happening but sadly they are weaker and older every day. To make things worse, Scatty and Joan are lost in the Pleistocene Era and Saint Germaine is determined to find them - at any cost. And the Flamels think it will help in battle if they find someone to teach Josh fire magic. But the twins have so many doubts now about the Flamels and their motives. Should they continue to fight with them?

As for Dee, having failed his masters he is now being hunted by all the creatures who were formerly looking for the Flamels. Yet he still plans to let the creatures from Alcatraz loose on San Francisco just as his masters wanted. And he has a new ally in the form of Virginia Dare. He thinks that if he can raise the mother of all gods he can control the world (can you hear the crazy laughter from here?). I'll add that he isn't crazy enough to raise the mother of all gods himself - he will need a necromancer of course, someone who will be in her path when she awakens with a terrible hunger.

I am absolutely addicted to this series. I read this in two days, barely pausing for breath. It goes from strength to strength, introducing new characters, unusual mythology, gods and goddesses of every stripe, and nonstop action at every turn. You simply have no idea where Michael Scott is leading you although with every addition to the series you see a path ahead. This is full of duty and love, complex relationships and twisted ambition. Do not miss this.


essbee said...

Oh my god I can't wait!!! :D:D:D:D 1 month!! :D:D::DD Counting down the days since I finished the last book :P lol

Bookgeek said...

I think this series goes from strength to strength. But wish he could write faster!