Sunday, April 4, 2010

In My Mailbox

In My Mailbox explores the contents of my mailbox on a weekly basis (and oh, last week simply flew by). Of course I only mention things like books! And here's my collection of books this week with thanks, as ever, to The Story Siren and Pop Culture Junkie who host and inspired this meme. Only two this week but so, so good.

1. Other by Karen Kincy

Gwen Williams is like any other modern teenager with one exception: she's a shapeshifter. Never having known her Pooka-spirit father, Gwen must struggle with the wild, wonderful magic inside of her alone—and in secret. While society may tolerate vampires, centaurs, and "Others" like Gwen, there are plenty of folks in Klikamuks, Washington, who don't care for her kind.

Now there's a new werewolf pack in town, and Others are getting killed, including Gwen's dryad friend. The police are doing zilch. In the midst of terrible loss and danger, Gwen meets a cute Japanese fox spirit who's refreshingly comfortable with his Otherness. Can Gwen find the courage to embrace her true self and find the killer-before she becomes the next victim?

2. For the Win by Cory Doctorow

I mentioned this in my Waiting on Wednesday post this week and found it in my mailbox. Magic. I am a huge fan of Little Brother and am very excited about this. For details of the book, see my WoW post below. For the Win is about the online gaming community and how the "black gold" virtual economy of the gaming world could bring down the real economy. Fascinating - no?

So that's my week in books. What did you get?


Maria the Bookworm said...

I'm so jealous of Other! Enjoy :D

ck.twilighter said...

Ditto Maria!! I am jealous!! I want to read Other!!=)

Enjoy your reads & here is my Mailbox:
Chasity @ LLL in the 808

Eleni @ La Femme Readers said...

Wow, two great books! I'm really looking forward to both, happy reading!

Lori said...

I want to read Other. I hope that you will enjoy your books. Here's mine.