Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Sapphique by Catherine Fisher - Review

Here's Elizabeth's wonderful review of Sapphique that will be out in late December.

In this sequel to the thrilling Incarceron, Finn has escaped the terrible living prison of Incarceron with the Warden's daughter, Claudia, but Kiero and Attia remain trapped inside. Claudia keeps insisting that Finn is a lost prince, but he is haunted by visions and can't remember his past. Inside the prison, Kiero and Attia, thinking that Finn has abandoned them, search for a way out, hunting down rumors of a mystical glove once worn by Sapphique, the only person Incarceron has ever loved and the only one to have escaped its walls.

This is an imaginative, dark, and strange story, filled with extravagant
magic and fascinating detail. Its complexities deal with what it means to be free, the relationships between a father and a daughter, the responsibility of a prince to his kingdom and, most importantly, what lies under the façade of what we believe is real. I highly anticipated this book and was not disappointed.

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Demitria said...

I can not wait for this book!