Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Starters by Lissa Price - review

How far would you go to help the ones you love? Would you let someone else live in your body?

In Callie's world the Spore Wars killed anyone not vaccinated, including her parents. So only the very old and the very young survived. Callie lives with her little brother Tyler and her friend Michael. They live in abandoned buildings, never have enough to eat, and fight continuously for survival. They know that to be caught by the Marshals means being thrown into forced work camps. Then Callie hears of Prime Destination, a company where the young and beautiful can rent out their bodies to the old for a lot of money - with strict limits of course. It seems like the perfect way out of her problems and to help Tyler who is sick.

But there's a glitch, a malfunction in the chip they put in her brain, and she wakes up on the floor at a dance in her renter's life. She's back in her own body but she can live her renter's life. She can't believe her luck, especially when she meets Blake. But there is a catch - there is always a catch. And she starts to hear her renter's voice in her head. And her renter has a plan. This is a very disturbing look into the future, a real page turner that rang true. Can't wait for the sequel.


onyx said...

I've been hearing about this. When does it come out?

Micaella Lopez said...

STARTERS is a fantastic thrill ride sure to please both teens and adults, from readers who love action to readers who love mystery to readers who love mind-blowing creativity. This is a can't-miss read!

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