Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Monstrumologist by Rick Yancy - Review

Here's Marilyn's review of an older title that she LOVES. Book 3 in the series coming this fall

If you delight in the world of horror and monsters, this is the book for you, The setting is late 19th century New England: the atmosphere is dreary and gloomy, the local townsfolk are suspicious and edgy.

Will Henry is an orphan and apprentice to a doctor with a bizarre specialty, hunting monsters. Hideous, terrifying, nightmare-causing monsters These headless monstrosities with razor sharp claws and teeth hunt down, savage and destroy any breathing creature with a pulse in a hunt-able range. And they seem to be on the loose...Will Henry and Dr. Warthrop must try to find and destroy them and their subterranean nests before more citizens are eaten.

As you read this haunting ghoulish tale, just remember it happened long, long ago so you should be safe enough when you lock your doors, play loud music, and hide in your closet...maybe you'll survive the tale...

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