Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Chronicles of Vladimir Tod: Eleventh Grade Burns by Heather Brewer - Review

Anyone who is reading this series should not and will not hesitate to pick up this fourth adventure of Vladimir Tod. His life is not getting any easier: there is a new vampire, Dorian, who seems driven to drink unusual blood and finds Vlad’s blood irresistible. And do you remember Vlad’s old friend and vampire slayer Joss? Well, he’s back and determined to kill him properly this time. D’Ablo is still around, now with a seat on the Council of Elders, so he’s bringing Otis to trial for crimes against him and vampirekind in general. Let’s not forget Eddie who is still following Vlad around, trying to get that perfect photo that will expose Vlad once and for all. And if you are wondering about Vlad’s love life, he’s still pining for Meredith even though he broke up with her. And then there’s Snow and his confusing feelings for her.

As you can see, things have taken a decidedly darker turn in Eleventh Grade Burns, and Vlad is certainly growing up and gaining in confidence, but no matter how much you think you know where Heather Brewer is leading you, the ending will turn your world upside down. I promise. (Can you hear me screaming from here Auntie Heather?)

Don’t wait. This is one to sink your teeth into and savor.

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Anonymous said...

I read the review and this book sounds amazing!!! I love paranormal books and this sounds like it would hit the spot. I have not read the others either but next time I go the book store I will be sure to get them!!!