Friday, March 13, 2009

Twisted by Laurie Halse Anderson - Review

I'm reading Laurie's work because she'll be at the store on the 22nd and I'm interviewing her but I have to say, seldom does a book grab you at the very beginning and leave you unable to put the book down, but needing to take a break because it’s hard to read more. This is such a book.

Tyler is at the bottom of the social ladder, a senior whose only claim to fame is the graffiti he spray painted on the school. To atone, he worked for a landscape gardening service and develops muscles to prove it. And this attracts the attention of one of the most popular girls in the school: Bethany, daughter of his Dad’s boss no less. She asks him to a party where everyone gets very drunk. An incident occurs and although Tyler is innocent, he gets blamed and finds his world turned upside down. Everyone believes him guilty, he’s pulled out of regular classes to be on his own, his father blames him and talks of sending him to military school, and try as he might he can’t see what to do.

Along the way Tyler has to come to terms with who he is, what he believes in, how to deal with his father, and what it means to be a man. It’s an incredible book, a powerful book, a deep and honest look at a teenage boy’s life, and a book that will haunt you. Still haunts me. Don't miss this one.

Oh, and if anyone has any suggestions for things to ask Laurie when she's here, do please let me know. And if you are in the area, come and here her on the 22nd of March.


Anonymous said...

UGH! Another Anderson book. I have got to get this one and the next she just published.

Bookgeek said...

J Kaye, as you can see, it really got to me. Maybe because I have a teenage son but I'm still thinking about it. And I get to interview her next week! Very excited.