Thursday, March 12, 2009

Latest on The Hunger Games

I loved The Hunger Games. Really loved it. And I now hear that Nina Jacobson’s Color Force production company snagged film rights to The Hunger Games (Jacobson is also producing the film adaptation of Diary of a Wimpy Kid!). Oh, it will make a fantastic movie if done right.

And Publishers Weekly reports that the on-sale date for Catching Fire, the sequel, has been bumped up a week to September 1 to be out in time for the Labor Day weekend.

Apparently Scholastic is also launching a writing contest to promote Catching Fire. From March 16 to May 15, readers ages 12 to 17 can submit an essay describing how they would survive the fight-to-the-death games chronicled in The Hunger Games. The winner will receive a lunch with Collins at Scholastic in New York City; the winner and 100 runners-up will also get an ARC of Catching Fire and a mockingjay pin (the bird featured on the books’ covers). Details and official rules are available at Scholastic’s Hunger Games Web site here from March 16. Wish I was the right age to enter this competition!


Ravenous Reader said...

OMG!! I adore this book and although it was brutal it was also brilliant. I cannot wait to see its adaptation on the big screen.

dy12255 said...

Do you have a larger picture of the pin? I have been wanting to see what it looks like, but this is the only picture I've found and it's really small.