Thursday, March 26, 2009

new vampire book - can't wait for wednesday

Yes, I know, we post a waiting for spot on wednesday and I posted something yesterday. But I just came across this in PW's Children's Bookshelf and simply can't wait to talk about it.

Ask yourself: are you nursing a pair of fang marks in your neck, but also a broken heart? If so, check out The Vampire Is Just Not That Into You by Vlad Mezrich (if you need to be told it’s a pseudonym...). “It’s a dating guide for dating the undead—forked tongue firmly in cheek—and to getting the vampire of your dreams,” says editor David Levithan. The paperback original arrives in October and will feature activities, testimonials, top 10 lists and charts, as well as quizzes, which Levithan says are more Seventeen than Cosmopolitan. “It’ll be more like what do on a first date, and how to introduce him to your family and friends.”

As I said, perfect. Do I really have to wait until October?


Reverie said...

ahahah this looks funny!!!!

Jen said...

Ha! And its edited by the awesome Levithan ^_^

Ravenous Reader said...

hahahaha...that is so funny. and me wants it

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OMG that sounds too funny!

Sasha Metzinger said...

I can't wait to read this. haha

Screenwriter said...

I just wrote a vampire book. May I list it here?thanks

Anonymous said...

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