Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Iron Witch by Karen Mahoney

Donna Underwood is different. Her father died saving her life when she was seven. It haunts her nightmares. It drove her mother crazy. Her arms and hands were rebuilt by magic with iron tattoos. On the plus side, she is now very strong. But she wears gloves to hide the tattoos. And feels she will never fit in.

When her best and only friend Navin drags her to a party, she meets Xan, a boy who seems to have secrets of his own. But things are changing: Maker, the man who rebuilt her hands and arms, is attacked by wood elves, then so is she and Xan. Worse, they kidnap Navin and Donna knows she will do anything to rescue him.

The Iron Witch
seamlessly blends adventure, self-discovery, and a little romance. Donna is an easy heroine to root for - strong, independant, loyal, and determined - as she faces the realities and dangers of her world. Her questions echo through the book: How does she tell her friend about her hands, or about an alchemist's life, or about wood elves? If she tells him, will he still want to hang out with her? Can she risk losing him - her only link to the outside world? Can she trust Xan to help her? And ultimately will she really put friendship over her family and all the alchemists believe?


Anonymous said...

cover is great too

Michael Offutt said...

Nice review. I like how you give just enough information in a succinct manner so that it's more of a teaser.

Bookgeek said...

Thank you Michael. I do try to avoid spoilers as much as possible.