Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bzrk by Michael Grant - Review

Everyone here at Kepler's are such fans of Michael Grant's Gone series. So we couldn't wait to get our hands on his newest book, Bzrk. Here's Antonia's revew and it's definitely going to be my next read.

What ever you do don't spend too much time researching nanobots - you may never sleep again. Its not cute like that Dennis Quaid movie - yeah, yeah, I'm dating myself - these suckers are creepy. And I don't do parasites. Have I mentioned that?

Michael Grant however, does. Parasites, that is. And nanobots are basically parasites, and they run into organic parasites when they in or on the human body, and that's the bit that creeps me out. But this one at least I could read (I had to put Plague down and find out from a friend what happened. Peeps too, but I'm not going to go into that.) In fact, not only could I read it, I loved it! This is pure thriller (and I guess the parasites having human motivations makes me less squeamish than the mindless eating variety) in two worlds macro (our real world) and nano (so tiny it is sub-microscopic). The bad guys are the same, the only difference is in the way that they meet. Michael Grant is a master of page-turning awesomeness, and this one does not disappoint.


onyx said...

This one is SOOOOOOOO on my list. I have been a fan of the gone series since forever. And Peeps (another parasite book) is also good.

Rowena Hailey said...
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Full of well developed characters, and written for a teen market with just-right level of sophistication. The series was very well-written and both my twelve year old son and I really loved the books of the series and discussed them during dinner! I highly recommend both this book and the series.