Monday, February 13, 2012

Ready PLayer One by Ernest Cline

Imagine a future where you spend most of your time in a virtual world called the Oasis. It's where you go to school, socialize, play games, earn money - everything. A place outside reality where you can be anyone you want. The creator of this world dies an incredibly wealthy man. And he had no one to whom he wanted to leave his money. Thus he leaves behind a set of puzzles and bequeaths his fortune to the winner. Sounds easy - but when the book opens no one has even solved the first clue, although millions are trying.

Wade Watts wants to win badly. He spends his time researching everything 80s because Halliday, the creator, loved that time and Wade is convinced this will help him find the keys. But when he finds the first key, everything changes. Suddenly people are watching him, competitors are everywhere, and the danger is all too real.

I loved everything about Ready Player One. I raced through it but at the same time tried desperately to slow down and savor every moment. Packed full of 80s references, this is a nonstop adventure that reads like a video game. It's fun, it's clever, it's incredibly entertaining, and it never slows down. I did not think this book would talk to me, but I was SO wrong. Don't miss this one.


Unknown said...

Oh, I've been wondering about this book. Thank you!

Mel said...

You've been tagged :)