Thursday, May 6, 2010

Gone by Michael Grant - Review

We are so excited. The fabulous Michael Grant is visiting Kepler's tomorrow Friday May 7th at 6.30. And I realized I never posted my review of Gone (the first in the series) - so here it is. And if you are in the area, don't miss this event. These books are wonderful.

Imagine this: you’re sitting in class one day and suddenly everyone over the age of 14 just disappears. You reach for your phone and find it no longer works – nor does the internet or TV. Noone has any answers or knows what to do. The survivors are terrified – who will look after the babies, heal the sick, put out fires, or stop people looting? Can anyone cook?

Amid the chaos, there are coyotes the size of wolves, teens starting to develop “talents,” bullies trying to take charge, and heroes stepping forward to help.

This adrenaline-charged, all-action adventure kept me hooked from page one, as those left behind choose sides, pick leaders, watch their powers evolve, and head toward an inevitable battle between good and evil. Don’t miss this

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Lily31 said...

This book really sound great not just for teens, but for everyone who wants to learn survival teckneques, and find their talents that are innate within them. Like Psychic Healing, and Telepathy that replace Doctors, and Cell phones. Impathic abiltites that would replace Homing Devices, and alarms. Lily31