Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nightshade by Andrew Cremer - Review

Did you see that Entertainment Weekly picked Nightshade by Andrea Cremer as their book pick of the day? Loved. loved. loved that book. See EW. com here. Here's my review

Shay finds three distinct groups at his new school: the children of keepers at the top; guardians, who can change into wolf form, in the middle; and humans at the bottom. And the girl who saved his life a few days ago, a guardian, seems to want to pretend it didn't happen. Shay has no idea that Calla risked her life to save him, that the tattoo on his neck marks him as a scion, or that his uncle is a keeper. He just wants to get to know Calla better. But Calla is promised to Ren, and soon she must decide between love or duty, pack or self. Certainties fall apart and truths turn to dust. She glimpses a future filled with a freedom both unthinkable and seemingly unreachable. But is this future – and this boy – worth the risk?

I started this book on a plane ride to New York and didn't look up until people were nudging me to leave. I was mesmerized, held hostage, and found it very hard to unearth myself from this unusual and twisted world. This stand-out debut will be a star-maker for Andrea Cremer. Don't miss it.

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