Monday, February 21, 2011

Rosebush by Michele Jaffe - Review

Elizabeth really really liked this book so I'm posting her review here. I'm always looking for something a little different. And what a gorgeous cover, don't you think? Yes, I'm adding yet another title to my TBR pile. Looks fabulous.

When this book ended, I breathed out and immediately started reading the first few pages again to see if I should've been able to figure it out earlier. This fantastic murder mystery captured my imagination and kept me in suspense until the end.

Jane wakes up in a hospital room, not sure what happened to her. She remembers being at a party. She remembers walking in with her two best friends - the most popular in the room. She remembers kissing her boyfriend - who she adores. And then she remembers waking up - and is paralyzed. Over the course of the next four days, Jane's voice and memories start to come back. She remembers more and more, and she is convinced that the killer is going to come back to finish the job. With the hospital and her family doubting her sanity, Jane must figure out who tried to kill her in order to save her own life.

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Dana Wright said...

I have to read this now!!! Awesome. Will be sharing your post on my YA blog.