Monday, April 9, 2012

Grave Mercy By Robin Lafevers - Review

Another of Marilyn's fabulous reviews - this one for Grave Mercy

A story of vengeance, assassins and high drama! Ismea's hard life becomes unbearable when she's thrown into a hasty marriage to Guille a brute with a nasty temper. Aided by the same priest who married her mere hours earlier, she escapes to the convent, St. Mortain - hoping to hide. St. Mortain abbey serves the saint of death, Mortain, where novices train to become assassins. Ismae's undeveloped talents and thirst to learn make her a perfect candidate. Here she learns the subtle arts of poisons and techniques to kill enemies in any situation.

Ismae's assignment is now at the royal court in Brittany. She will act as the mistress of Gavriel Duval, whom she dislikes on first meeting; the feeling is mutual. Her difficult start with Duval will make her time at court more perilous, as she must act as Duval's chatty new lover while stealthily searching and eliminating threats to Ann, young Duchess of Brittany. There are many enemies at court seeking to grab the power base of Brittany. Time is running out and it's Ismae's actions that can save the Duchess and hope to save Brittany from the hungry clutches of France. This gripping story has it all - royal intrigue, murder, spies and ruthless assassins and I love it!


Rachael said...

What age is this book appropriate for? My 12 year old wants to read it...ok or not yet?

SEO in Colorado Springs said...

I cannot wait to read this one! Just the thought of these assassin nuns and re-tellings of old myths makes this book so much more intriguing!
Good to hear that it is as good as I'm imagining it! Thanks for another great review

Best Reviews for TCA Minnesota Divorce Lawyer said...

I have already begged friends to read this story and I will continue to read the series. I only wish I had something just as good to read in the interim.

Have you viewed Glendale Moving Companies said...

I loved Grave Mercy. I see that Robin LaFevers has written quite a few other books, and will definitely be reading more from her. This book had it all: a unique paranormal aspect, romance, an intricately detailed plot, and best of all, a strong female main character. Awesome read!