Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hereafter by Tara Hudson - Review

Another of Amanda's picks. Another book I'm just pining to get to. Read her review below

Hereafter by Tara Hudson

Amelia awakes as she always does from the nightmare; opening her mouth to breathe in the dark, icy river water that caused her to die the first time. Now as a ghost, it is only the memory of her death that's painful, her body numb to the river's terror. Now that terror is someone else's as she watches helplessly as it tries to claim the life of a boy, Joshua, unconscious in the water. When her scream startles him awake and he is able to struggle to shore, she realizes that things are changed forever. He actually saw her! He is hers -- their connection forged in that place between life and death. Together Amelia and Joshua start to unravel the mystery of her past and discover that dark secrets lay hidden in the bridge and the dark waters below.

A true paranormal romance, this story is eerily lovely. Amelia and Joshua have an unearthly and electric chemistry, making you yearn for a happily hereafter. . .

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Luxembourg said...

HEREAFTER is an amzing first novel from Tara Hudson. What a great writer she is. I cant not wait for the next few books from her to come out about this story. I think I would have to say this was a nice change from what i'm use to reading which is the Fallen angel books.
This book is about a girl by the name of Ameila that has died and she is still among the living. Throughout the book she peices together what has happened in her life and how she dies. While she is doing that she meets a guy name Joshua and he can ser her. So they work together to find answers about her. Of course in any love story there are obsticles they have to get over in order to be together. So can a dead girl really fall in love with a living boy? I hope to the book gods that we find out.