Saturday, December 11, 2010

Trash by Andy Mulligan - Review

I've been reading a lot of best of year lists recently and saw this title on many of them. Then my wonderful colleague Penelope read and wrote this review so I add another book to that toppling to be read pile of mine! But oh, doesn't it look good?

Set against a remarkable and sobering backdrop, the story of TRASH is told in many voices shared between three young boys who call a dump site the size of a small living city home. The brave Raphael, his shrewd cousin Gardo, and Jun-Jun who lives alone amongst the rats. They, like many others who live in this City of Trash, survive by sifting through what the rest of the City throws away. Until one day they find a bag belonging to a stranger, but it's the mystery that lies within the bag and the adventure it holds that calls to them - with all the odds stacked against them. TRASH will open your world view and push every limit. It is gripping, humbling, and I urge you to pick it up!

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