Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lisi Harrison

Lisi Harrison has a huge following. She’s the author of the very popular Clique and Alphas series and has just finished the first book in a new series, Monster High (which she wrote in a month and is due in the fall). She was born in Canada, was a film major until she decided to transfer to creative writing. And then moved to New York where she began a career creating and developing shows for MTV. According to Lisi, it was MTV, not middle school, which inspired her to write The Clique. It reminded her so much of life in 7th grade she had to write about it. And she gave plenty of real life examples in her presentation. The rest is history.

From the start Lisi was charming, engaging, and accessible. Her fans clung to her every word, asking her about both series, her writing life, about life at MTV, about fashion, about cliques and her own experiences in school and in cliques. We treated the crowd to sparkling drinks, and held a raffle for t-shirts, a book, and a gift certificate to a local nail salon. We had a blast. The crowd stayed to chat, to have their piles of books signed, to take photos, and to have one last drink. Lisi has a real connection to her readers and they write to her on her blog, send her books to sign – and she answers them all. Impressive.

I'll post video later. Oh, and you can read what she said about this event at her own blog here.

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