Friday, March 27, 2009

Laurie Halse Anderson Q and A session

Laurie Halse Anderson visited Kepler's on Sunday on her Wintergirls tour. I was so excited to meet her, hear her presentation, and get to interview her. She was one of the nicest authors I've met and, of course, I'm such a huge fan of her writing. Review of Wintergirls and interview will come soon but I wanted to share the video footage I took of the Q and A session for those of you who couldn't make this or other of her presentations.

Did she answer all your questions? What else would you have liked to ask?


Lisa and Laura said...

Great video! Thanks for posting. I loved hearing her speak about the different narrative techniques she used in the book. It's funny when I was reading, the strikethroughs that she used just seemed natural. They didn't take me out of the story at all. And I remember when I saw those blank pages I leaned over to my friend sitting next to me and I just had to show her. It was so different and so well done. I loved it.

Thanks for sharing this!

Bookgeek said...

I liked the strikethroughs too. I thought they were very effective. But I will admit that I read an arc of Wintergirls so just assumed the blank pages were a mistake! So I loved her pointing out that she did indeed intend them to be there. (D'oh)

Luxembourg said...

Such a beautifully written book...the author developed her character so well, I really felt I knew her. I was terribly saddened by what she'd been through, but loved how the guy got his in the end. I love poetic justice. Ha! The author captured high school perfectly, especially that horrible mob mentality and how people will turn on you in an instant. That meanness, cruelty, pettiness. Frightening.