Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Heist Society by Ally Carter - Review

For all those Ally Carter fans out there - and I know there are thousands (including me, of course) - here's my colleague Adriana's review of Ally's new book, Heist Society. No, it's not a Gallagher Girl adventure this is NEW and sounds fantastic. Another one for my toppling TBR pile...

Kat is one of few teenagers who would give anything to be able to just go to school. From the age of 3, she has been stealing priceless paintings from secure locations as part of her family tradition. The daughter of the world's most respected art thief, she shocks everyone when she trades a life of adventure and stealth for an ordinary one.

But her retirement is brief. When 5 paintings are stolen from a powerful thief, he assumes that Kat's father has them and threatens to kill him if he doesn't return them within two weeks. Kat aided by the most talented underage thieves in the world, takes off on an impossible mission. The goal: to thwart a master thief, honored with a title feared for five centuries, by stealing the missing paintings from the most secure local in the world.

Action packed and very clever, this thrills with unlikely heroes, and more than a little bit of danger. Think The Italian Job 15 years earlier and 5 times smarter, with a touch of To Catch a Thief. Many a child dreams of moving their vice-principal's car onto the top of a fountain, or of operations involving smoke, flames, personal submarines and the perfect getaway. Kat and her friends don't dream, they do. And I, for one, am jealous.

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The Library Lurker said...

She did a nice job reviewing it! I've heard a lot of good things about this book, and I really want it!