Saturday, February 20, 2010

Eclipse trailer news

By now we all know that Eclipse is coming out June 30 even though we've only seen this poster and a few photos. But I've just read (here) that the first Eclipse trailer will debut in theaters on March 12 before screenings of Remember Me (that also stars Robert Pattinson). So I guess they hope fans will go to see Remember Me for the trailer.

So - let me ask: do you want to see Remember Me anyway? Are you more likely to go now you can see the Eclipse trailer? And what do you hope they include in the trailer? Leave me a note and let me know.


Morgan said...

Wow, exciting! I think I'll go to remember me just to see the trailer but also because Robert Pattinsons in it. Thanks for the heads up!

jessjordan said...

I don't get going to a movie just to see a trailer of another movie, especially when it'll be online on or before it debuts in theaters. But hey, if it works, why break it?