Monday, April 11, 2011

Name a Character Contest for Becca Fitzpatrick's Silence

Sorry, haven't been blogging recently. SO busy. We hosted Kelley Armstrong yesterday for the Gathering (photos soon), and are hosting Cassandra Clare and Holly Black tomorrow (7.00 at the Menlo park Library (if you live in the bay Area, you shouldn't miss this!) and MaryRose Wood on Thursday. So am reading like crazy. Am almost finished White Cat (and love it), read The Dark and Hollow Places (what a great end to the series)and am told I must read Die for You (so I will, next week, when I can catch my breath).

But I just saw this contest and had to share. Becca Fitzpatrick is holding a name that character contest on her blog (click here to enter).

Here's what she says:

So...I am holding a contest! A name-this-character contest to be exact. I'm in the final stages of editing SILENCE, and believe it or not, I still have a character I haven't named. Use the form below to send me your character name suggestion (first and last name, please).

Contest ends at Midnight on Friday, May 6. I'll announce the winner at some point before SILENCE goes to print.

Now for the really cool part: If I select your entry, not only will you get to name a character in SILENCE, but I'll thank you personally in the book's Acknowledgments.

Good luck!

How awesome is that? You get to name the character and get to be thanked in the acknowledgments. So I'm heading over to fill out the form now. You should too!

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Anonymous said...

Angel names, angel names. Quick. Must google. Like everyone. Wish I was original.