Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lauren Kate!

Lauren Kate came to Kepler’s yesterday much to our delight. Three fans showed up two hours early and had traveled quite far (one was celebrating her birthday - how awesome is that?). The audience all wore the halos we made(see photo) so you could look out over the audience and watch a sea of golden halos, which seemed to delight the audience and author.

Lauren grew up in Dallas, went to school in Atlanta, and started writing in New York. Her experience of the “Old South” in the Atlanta area inspired her to set Fallen in a Civil War era academy. Pushing vampires aside from their spotlight, Lauren Kate’s romantic hero sports a halo. The world she created at Swords and Cross is both eerie and frightening, especially the scenes in the cemetery. Her themes are rooted in theology although Lauren certainly plays around with the idea of what an angel is supposed to be. Rich with mythology, romance, twists, suspense, and action these books have everything - and have gorgeous covers. Oh, and she used to live in Winters (near Davis) which is why she chose to set much of Torment in that area.

Lauren told her eager audience that she intended to write a trilogy but now plans to write four books about Luce and Daniel. The third book will be a prequel, and apparently she has sold the rights to Mayhem (who are owned by Disney).

Her advice to upcoming young writers: stay curious and use everything around you as potential events for your books, FINISH, find writing friends, a writing group, or a trusted and respected reader, and don’t give up.

Lauren was charming and gracious, posed for photos with almost everyone in line, and signed all our back stock. It was a lovely event. We hope she comes back soon.


Debbie's World of Books said...

It was great meeting Lauren Kate and my daughter loved the halos :)

Bookgeek said...

Am so glad. She was absolutely adorable. We'll have more giveaways on monday!