Friday, September 17, 2010

Great Article about the Smart Chicks

Had to repost this great article from InMenlo magazine about our Smart Chicks event tomorrow (which I am just so excited about - you're going if you live in the area - right?). If you are there, come and introduce yourself to me. I'm hosting so I'll be easy to find.

The article is titled, Smart Chicks Kick It in Menlo Park: Unique book tour brings hottest names in young adult fiction to town Saturday

Melissa Marr, Kelley Armstrong, and Alyson Noël are headlining a book tour like none we’ve ever seen — and that’s saying something here, in Kepler’s backyard, where locals regularly get a chance to attend special book-related events and see the most in-demand authors. But what’s different about their Smart Chicks Kick It tour, which takes place Saturday evening at the Menlo Park Library, is that it’s completely author-driven (and funded).

Think about that for a minute: No publishing houses, no promotional budgets — and no one dictating the rules. The tour will hit 12 cities in 14 days and feature 18 marquee writers who currently dominate paranormal romance, the hot literary genre that includes the Twilight franchise....

What fans can expect

Given the all-star line-up, those planning on attending Saturday’s event at 6:00 pm should prepare to do some waiting before they can meet their favorite authors. To make the time pass more quickly, the authors are bringing plenty of give-away items. One of the most coveted, though, can’t be taken home just yet: The chance to have a character named after you in a forthcoming anthology that features many of the Smart Chicks.

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