Tuesday, November 4, 2008

John Green!

I hope you managed to join us to see John Green. He was fantastic (and yes, that is a yeti on his shirt!). And we had a packed house that night. People came from as far as Santa Cruz, Sacramento, Reno, and Oakland (thank you--we appreciate you driving so far).

He took questions from his online audience before the event, And lucky, lucky me --I got to interview him. Find out which characters he identifies most with, how working as a hospital chaplain affected his writing, what he's reading now, and advice for aspiring writers (and lots more). I'll post it in about a week so keep checking.

Today I'm posting a video of John reading in case you missed it (I know some of you came in late). I'll have video of Abby Simons, who played during the event, posted tomorrow.

Final thoughts: Which of his books (all great, I know) is your favorite? For me it's close, but I'll vote for Paper Towns. You?


DarlingDiva said...

I have only read 2 of his 3 novels, but so far I must say that Paper Towns is my favorite.

I adored the moments between Q and MRS and their adventure together. Then Q and his crew trying to locate the elusive MRS....priceless. I must admit I finished reading this book and had a bit of crush on Q and Ben.

weasley@heart said...

I began reading John Green since Looking for Alaska was first published, but I've only recently become a nerdfighter. I'm so glad he included brotherhood 2.0 in his talk!

And the "Edward Cullen is an empty vessel into which we cram all our hopes and aspirations" made me laugh until I cried. I'm definitely a TWIhard, but that statement was so true.