Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pretty Monsters by Kelly Link Giveaway

Just found out about another book giveaway and had to post about it.

Book Chatter is giving away a copy of Pretty Monsters by Kelly Link on her blog

I've heard great things about this book! Here's Megan's review that sent it high on my to be read pile:

"What sort of book is Kelly Link's Pretty Monsters? It's a book full of stories that creep through the back door of your imagination and surprise you in the best way possible. It's a book with ghosts, aliens, monsters, a Las Vegas phone booth, and a handbag with an entire world hidden inside. The people in the stories are very much like you and me, except that the strange things we imagine in shadowy corners of our heads actually happen to them. These stories are weird and wonderful, and once you fall in, you'll have a hard time climbing back out. "